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Postby Jckrbt » August 21st, 2017, 5:05 pm

Dear fellow club members,
I feel the need to speak up on an issue that has been bothering me (and others).
Club members put a lot or time and effort in putting together events and activities for the club to enjoy. Without any of these, there would be no need for the club.
If you something nice to say about an upcoming event, feel feel to post. If you do not, don't bother to post.
If you feel that you would like to have a different event than what some one has put together, I would expect you to speak up at the annual meeting and propose one...AND RUN IT.
There have been a few club members that have put their two cents in on the forum complaining about an event for whatever reason. The funny thing is, I haven't seen these club members do anything for the club.
Have they raised their hand to run an event? No.
Have they offered to be a board member? No.
This is your club people, if you think you have a better idea than Do IT.
Don't hide behind the forum and complain.
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