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just in time for the holidays!!!

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just in time for the holidays!!!

Postby 3miataFamily » November 14th, 2017, 12:11 pm

Flying Miata is having a sale... ... dium=email

And a coopy of the email sent out to current customers...

Dear Joe,
We've never done many sales at Flyin' Miata, but everyone is having so much fun with it we figured we'd join in this year. We're going to have some of our best deals ever, mostly on parts that are exclusive to FM. There's going to something for every Miata.

We're not going to tell you what's on sale yet because we don't want to spoil the antici...pation. But we will give you a hint. We're renamed the days of the week.

Nov 24th: Brake Friday
Nov 25th: Small Business Saturday (that one was already pretty good)
Nov 26th: Suspension Sunday
Nov 27th: Brace for Monday

Log on to the special sale page on our website on the days in question to see what's up.

The sale prices are online only and available all day, so you don't need to line up at 4am in a dark and cold November night to fight with crowds. Sleep in, grab some hot chocolate and shop in your jammies!

For the first time in years, we have a print catalog! 48 pages of delicious products and tech info for you to study at your leisure or to leave around the house, subtly opened to a certain page as a hint. Sure, everything's on the website, but we all know that there's no substitute for thumbing through the pages.

We've sent a copy to all our current customers in North America - you should see it right before Brake Friday. You'll also be able to request or download one through our website after that.
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