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Postby dbenton » July 10th, 2017, 3:04 am

We met at Tractor Supply in Winsted. The Honora Run remains ever new both for distance, traffic (or lack of) and the vagaries of weather. Our Run to the north was superlative. That translates to fast, safe, and exciting. The winery in Jacksonville, Vermont, is a long day’s drive up and back, but the majority of the roads were awesome and some even better. With Dan and Sandy in front and Bruce in back, we had experience on both ends of our already proficient group. Radios added the element of sound to our visuals. We moved through nature, appreciating, enjoying, and lightly challenging our driving skills. A destination is always good to have, but the Run is paramount. It’s the “Why” of it.

Driving north we had perfect weather. At the winery we bought a glass and congregated in small groups at picnic tables on premises to have lunches brought from home. Rain arrived during lunch, prompting our first tops-up scramble. The deluge that followed made Honora’s gazebo a favorite place. We packed in under its roof and engaged in excited conversation. After the front moved southeast we started our drive to Bristol. Wet roads dried quickly, but we ran into more unsettled weather in Massachusetts that prompted a second tops-up stop. Although weather played a role, it dampened nothing but our little Miata’s. Finally we cleared the bad weather, went tops-down for the last time and arrived at Dan and Sandy’s place for a truly fine cookout.

This is a quick glimpse of our Miata day, only the ninth of the iceberg. These words can’t convey more than a hint at what this group felt or accomplished on this day. Only a drive? Far more than that! Memories are made from doing, and we did just fine. Our thanks to Dan and Sandy for a well-planned, perfectly executed Run.
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